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Formed in 2010, the Jamaica Choral Scholars is an auditioned mixed ensemble dedicated to the creation, study, and performance of Jamaican choral music. Founded and directed by Andrew Marshall, the group has each year performed existing choral music by Jamaican composers such as Samuel Felsted's Jonah, Lisa Narcisse's First Jamaican Mento Mass, and Narcisse's Second Jamaican Mento Mass. The ensemble has also performed existing and commissioned works from other Jamaican composers, including Deneil Clarke, Dale Honeyghan, Santorini degli Archangeli, Garnet Mowatt, Mikhail Johnson, and Earlon Cornwall. 

The group also serves as one of Andrew's creative outlets in writing Jamaican choral music for the group's performance. Among the extended works in this vein are Zion Suite (2014), Jiizas a-go Baan (2017), Jiizas Pashan (2018), Di Apasl Paal: Wen Im Tun Wan Biliiva (2020), and Di Apasl Paal: Paal Get Stuon iina Lischra (2021). The group has also collaborated frequently with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jamaica in performance, including the premiere performance of Andrew's Nyabinghi Symphony. The ensemble has continued to perform virtually as part of the Jamaica Choral Scholars Festival recently in the wake of the pandemic.


The Jamaica Choral Scholars invite singers from all over the world to try out and be a part of a mixed choir that focuses on performing Jamaican choral music. Meet and be a part of a diverse and dynamic group of singers excited about choral performance and eager to explore existing and new Jamaican choral music! Prospective applicants must be 18 years of age or older.


To audition, please do the following:

1. Send a video of yourself performing a song of your choice. Your performance should be between 30-60 seconds long and should showcase your voice and range in the best possible light. Please send your video to using google drive,, or any other sharing medium. Please include a one-page document containing your name, contact information, and a few paragraphs highlighting your singing and musical experiences. Please include the following in the subject field of your email: "JCS 2022 - Your Name - Your Voice Part". The deadline to receive your video is Monday, August 8.

2. After your submission, you will be contacted and asked to record yourself singing short, vocal exercises and a score excerpt using files that will be sent to you.

3. Successful applicants for the final audition stage will meet with Andrew via zoom for sight reading and an interview.

Video Performances

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