Please click the hyperlinks for choral demos. Scores are also available on request here. The cost per score is US$2.50. Minimum order is 12.

Praise to the Lord (c. 4'15'', SATB div. unaccompanied)

Jesus is mine (c. 2', SATB div. with soloist)

I sing the mighty power of God (c. 2'45'', SATB div. unaccompanied)

Prayer of thanksgiving (c. 4'30'', SATB div. accompanied)

I shall return (c. 3'15'', SATB div. unaccompanied)

O worship the King (c. 3' 30'', SATB div. with soloist unaccompanied)

Mieri Sang (c. 4'15'', SATB div. accompanied)

My Jesus I love thee (c. 2'20'', SATB unaccompanied)

My mother (c. 3'15'', SATB unaccompanied)

Pine Forge Academy Alma Mater (c. 4'40, SATB div. unaccompanied)

Other choral scores are available including concert arrangements of  hymns for moderate to advanced mixed choir; varied poetry settings for mixed voices for moderate to advanced mixed choir; and original compositions of varying styles and degrees of difficulty.

Commissions are also available specifically for your group. Recent commissions completed include sacred and pop arrangements for unaccompanied ensembles; and extended works for vocal and instrumental ensemble combinations.


To inquire further on any of the above please click here.


Magnificat (c. 20', SATB, soprano solo, baritone solo, oboe, trumpet, percussion, organ, strings). Click hyperlinks for excerpts (mvt. 4, And his mercy; mvts. 8 & 9, He hath helped/Gloria Patri)

Jiizas Pashan (c. 90', SATB voices, soprano solo, bass solo, piano, percussion, strings). Click hyperlinks for excerpts (hymn, Ow dat fi apn; hymn, Fi si Jiizas agen; hymn, Ow di priis dem wikid so; Recitative and finale, Gad gi mi powa)

Way of Escape (c. 40'; SATB voices, soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, trumpet, piano, cello)

Reggae Mass (c. 15'; SATB voices, soloist, piano, percussion)

Revivalist Hymn Suite (c. 15'; SATB voices, soprano, alto, tenor, piano, percussion)

Jiizas a go Baan (c. 70'; SATB voices, SATB quartet, orchestra) Click hyperlinks for excerpts (mvt. 22, Mek wi go a Betliyem; mvt. 26, Stars shone brightly).

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